2005-06-18 03:15:03 BST nightly build (alvis, i686, Red Hat 7.3)

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2005-06-18 03:15:03 BST nightly build (alvis, i686, Red Hat 7.3)

Tom Hughes

Nightly build on alvis ( i686, Red Hat 7.3 ) started at 2005-06-18 03:15:03 BST

   Checking out vex source tree       ... done
   Building vex                       ... done
   Checking out valgrind source tree  ... done
   Configuring valgrind               ... done
   Building valgrind                  ... done
   Running regression tests           ... failed

Regression test results follow

== 176 tests, 13 stderr failures, 0 stdout failures =================
memcheck/tests/addressable               (stderr)
memcheck/tests/describe-block            (stderr)
memcheck/tests/leak-0                    (stderr)
memcheck/tests/leak-cycle                (stderr)
memcheck/tests/leak-regroot              (stderr)
memcheck/tests/leak-tree                 (stderr)
memcheck/tests/match-overrun             (stderr)
memcheck/tests/pointer-trace             (stderr)
memcheck/tests/vgtest_ume                (stderr)
memcheck/tests/xml1                      (stderr)
corecheck/tests/fdleak_cmsg              (stderr)
none/tests/faultstatus                   (stderr)
none/tests/x86/int                       (stderr)

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