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Configure Valgrind with mpi

Castellana Michele
Dear Valgrind users,
I would like to debug an Mpi program with Valgrind, but I am having trouble configuring Valgrind with with Mpi. I found the path /opt/intel///impi/ where mpicc is located, and configured Valgrind with

$./configure --prefix=/obs/username/valgrind/ --with-mpicc=/opt/intel///impi/

but I get the following output

checking for mpicc... /opt/intel///impi/
checking primary target for usable MPI2-compliant C compiler and mpi.h... no
checking secondary target for usable MPI2-compliant C compiler and mpi.h… no

I see that mpi.h is located in the /include directory of the path above

$ ls /opt/intel///impi/
gfortran  i_malloc.h  mpi.h  mpi.mod  mpi_base.mod  mpi_constants.mod  mpi_sizeofs.mod  mpicxx.h  mpif.h  mpio.h  mpiof.h

Do you know how this could be fixed?

Thank you for your help.

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