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Questions about DHAT

Zheng Shao

Our projects using DHAT for heap profiling,
I'm interesting on how detecting memory count of read and write?
More specifically, there a function called dh_handle_read

static VG_REGPARM(2)
void dh_handle_read ( Addr addr, UWord szB )
   Block* bk = find_Block_containing(addr);
   if (bk) {
      bk->n_reads += szB;
      if (bk->histoW)
         inc_histo_for_block(bk, addr, szB);

My first question is how and when valgrind will call this function?

Another question is, our program will load many cache data at launch time,
this causes almost top 30 results of DHAT will show these cache data.
So I want add a monitor command for DHAT,
when I call this command, DHAT will begin recode memory usage,
get the summary at program terminal as always valgrind do.

I would like to receive tips and advice to make it happen.

Thank you

Zheng SHAO
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