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Re: Request For Comments: Verrou, a Valgrind tool for floating-point debugging (Ivo Raisr)

James Davenport
Ivo Raisr wrote (I've deleted chunks)

> I also wonder if random rounding leads to tremendous understatement or
> overstatement of a rounding problem.  I can imagine the former, since
> random choices might tend to cancel each other out. I could also imagine
> the latter, since interval arithmetic (most pessimistic rounding) was
> rather incapable of judging the numerical stability of conventional
> algorithms.  I'm more inclined to bet on the former.
It's hard to know without experimenting. But I think I disagree. Consider the
classical [Davenport,J.H. & Fischer,H.-C., Manipulation of Expressions. In
Improving Floating-Point Programming (ed. P.J.L. Wallis), Wiley, 1990, pp. 149-167.]
x*(1-x) with x \in [0,1], where interval arithmetic returns [0,1], while truth is [0,1/4].
This system should return [0,1/4+\epsilon].

I also note that a very similar technique returned good results on classic cases:
Parker,D.S.,Pierce,B. & Eggert,P.R.,
Monte Carlo Arithmetic: How to Gamble with Floating Point and Win.
Computing in Science & Engineering 2(2003) 4 pp. 58-68.

More generally, there is no single magic bullet for numerical analysis, but
MCA has generally been hampered by lack of tools, so a valgrind integration
Seems useful. I'd like to play with it.

James Davenport
Fulbright CyberSecurity Scholar (at New York University)
Hebron & Medlock Professor of Information Technology, University of Bath
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Director of Studies EPSRC Doctoral Taught Course Centre for HPC
Chair, IMU Committee on Electronic Information and Communication
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