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Re: [Valgrind-developers] Valgrind-3.13.0.RC1 is available for testing

Mark Wielaard-3
Hi Users (redirected from valgrind-developers),

On Fri, 2017-06-02 at 17:57 +0200, Julian Seward wrote:

> An RC1 tarball for 3.13.0 is now available at
> (md5sum = a94957849869f1e50a16d60737cfcc29)
> Please give it a try in configurations that are important for you and report
> any problems you have, either on this mailing list, or (preferably) via our
> bug tracker at
> If nothing critical emerges, a final release will happen on Thursday 15
> June.

For those looking for binaries I packaged this for fedora rawhide:

There are also copr builds for Fedora 25, EPEL 6/7
(i386, x86_64 and ppc64le):

These include some patches that might make it into the final 3.13.0:

- KDE#380397 s390x: __GI_strcspn() replacemenet needed
- valgrind svn 16437 Fix pub_tool_basics.h build issue with g++ 4.4.7.
- KDE#380200 xtree generated callgrind files refer to files without
- KDE#380202 Assertion failure for cache line size on aarch64

> Details of what's new in 3.13.0 are in the NEWS file in the tarball.
> Some of the highlights are:
> * Ability to support larger process images and executables
> * Improved support for compressed debuginfo
> * C++ demangler update; Rust demangling support
> * Improved memory use reporting for some tools via the new "XTree" facility
> * ppc64: ISA 3.0B support
> * arm32: more v8 instruction support
> * arm64, mips64, mips32: fixed spins on some cpus
> * x86, amd64: CET prefix support
> * amd64: fixes for JIT failure problems on long AVX2 code blocks
> * OSX 10.12: improved support
> * Linux: somewhat improved clone handling
> * The TileGX/Linux port has been removed
> * Memcheck: improved accuracy with optimised Clang/LLVM generated code
> * and of course the usual mountain of bug fixes
> J

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