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Julian Seward-2

We are pleased to announce a new release of Valgrind, version 3.12.0,
available from

3.12.0 is a feature release with many improvements and the usual
collection of bug fixes.  This release adds support for POWER ISA 3.0,
improves instruction set support on ARM32, ARM64 and MIPS, and
provides support for the latest common components (kernel, gcc, glibc).
There are many smaller refinements and new features.  The release notes
below give more details.

NOTE! FOSDEM 2017: we will have a Valgrind developer room at FOSDEM
in Brussels, Belgium, on Sat 4 February 2017.  The Call for Participation
is at
Please join us, regardless of whether you are a Valgrind core hacker,
Valgrind tool hacker, Valgrind user, Valgrind packager or hacker on a
project that integrates, extends or complements Valgrind.

Our thanks to all those who contribute to Valgrind's development.
This release represents a great deal of time, energy and effort on the
part of many people.

Happy and productive debugging and profiling,

-- The Valgrind Developers

Release 3.12.0 (20 October 2016)

3.12.0 is a feature release with many improvements and the usual
collection of bug fixes.

This release supports X86/Linux, AMD64/Linux, ARM32/Linux,
ARM64/Linux, PPC32/Linux, PPC64BE/Linux, PPC64LE/Linux, S390X/Linux,
MIPS32/Linux, MIPS64/Linux, ARM/Android, ARM64/Android,
MIPS32/Android, X86/Android, X86/Solaris, AMD64/Solaris, X86/MacOSX
10.10 and AMD64/MacOSX 10.10.  There is also preliminary support for
X86/MacOSX 10.11/12, AMD64/MacOSX 10.11/12 and TILEGX/Linux.

* ================== PLATFORM CHANGES =================

* POWER: Support for ISA 3.0 has been added

* mips: support for O32 FPXX ABI has been added.
* mips: improved recognition of different processors
* mips: determination of page size now done at run time

* amd64: Partial support for AMD FMA4 instructions.

* arm, arm64: Support for v8 crypto and CRC instructions.

* Improvements and robustification of the Solaris port.

* Preliminary support for MacOS 10.12 (Sierra) has been added.

Whilst 3.12.0 continues to support the 32-bit x86 instruction set, we
would prefer users to migrate to 64-bit x86 (a.k.a amd64 or x86_64)
where possible.  Valgrind's support for 32-bit x86 has stagnated in
recent years and has fallen far behind that for 64-bit x86
instructions.  By contrast 64-bit x86 is well supported, up to and
including AVX2.

* ==================== TOOL CHANGES ====================

* Memcheck:

  - Added meta mempool support for describing a custom allocator which:
     - Auto-frees all chunks assuming that destroying a pool destroys all
       objects in the pool
     - Uses itself to allocate other memory blocks

  - New flag --ignore-range-below-sp to ignore memory accesses below
    the stack pointer, if you really have to.  The related flag
    --workaround-gcc296-bugs=yes is now deprecated.  Use
    --ignore-range-below-sp=1024-1 as a replacement.

* DRD:

  - Improved thread startup time significantly on non-Linux platforms.


  - Added collection of the metric "tot-blocks-allocd"

* ==================== OTHER CHANGES ====================

* Replacement/wrapping of malloc/new related functions is now done not just
  for system libraries by default, but for any globally defined malloc/new
  related function (both in shared libraries and statically linked alternative
  malloc implementations).  The dynamic (runtime) linker is excluded, though.
  To only intercept malloc/new related functions in
  system libraries use --soname-synonyms=somalloc=nouserintercepts (where
  "nouserintercepts" can be any non-existing library name).
  This new functionality is not implemented for MacOS X.

* The maximum number of callers in a suppression entry is now equal to
  the maximum size for --num-callers (500).
  Note that --gen-suppressions=yes|all similarly generates suppressions
  containing up to --num-callers frames.

* New and modified GDB server monitor features:

  - Valgrind's gdbserver now accepts the command 'catch syscall'.
    Note that you must have GDB >= 7.11 to use 'catch syscall' with

* New option --run-cxx-freeres=<yes|no> can be used to change whether
  __gnu_cxx::__freeres() cleanup function is called or not. Default is

* Valgrind is able to read compressed debuginfo sections in two formats:
  - zlib ELF gABI format with SHF_COMPRESSED flag (gcc option -gz=zlib)
  - zlib GNU format with .zdebug sections (gcc option -gz=zlib-gnu)

* Modest JIT-cost improvements: the cost of instrumenting code blocks
  for the most common use case (x86_64-linux, Memcheck) has been
  reduced by 10%-15%.

* Improved performance for programs that do a lot of discarding of
  instruction address ranges of 8KB or less.

* The C++ symbol demangler has been updated.

* More robustness against invalid syscall parameters on Linux.

* ==================== FIXED BUGS ====================

The following bugs have been fixed or resolved.  Note that "n-i-bz"
stands for "not in bugzilla" -- that is, a bug that was reported to us
but never got a bugzilla entry.  We encourage you to file bugs in
bugzilla ( rather
than mailing the developers (or mailing lists) directly -- bugs that
are not entered into bugzilla tend to get forgotten about or ignored.

To see details of a given bug, visit
where XXXXXX is the bug number as listed below.

191069  Exiting due to signal not reported in XML output
199468  Suppressions: stack size limited to 25
        while --num-callers allows more frames
212352  vex amd64 unhandled opc_aux = 0x 2, first_opcode == 0xDC (FCOM)
278744  cvtps2pd with redundant RexW
303877  valgrind doesn't support compressed debuginfo sections.
345307  Warning about "still reachable" memory when using libstdc++ from gcc 5
348345  Assertion fails for negative lineno
351282  V 3.10.1 MIPS softfloat build broken with GCC 4.9.3 / binutils 2.25.1
351692  Dumps created by valgrind are not readable by gdb (mips32 specific)
351804  Crash on generating suppressions for "printf" call on OS X 10.10
352197  mips: mmap2() not wrapped correctly for page size > 4096
353083  arm64 doesn't implement various xattr system calls
353084  arm64 doesn't support sigpending system call
353137  www: update info for Supported Platforms
353138  www: update "The Valgrind Developers" page
353370  don't advertise RDRAND in cpuid for Core-i7-4910-like avx2 machine
        == 365325
        == 357873
353384  amd64->IR: 0x66 0xF 0x3A 0x62 0xD1 0x62 (pcmpXstrX $0x62)
353398  WARNING: unhandled amd64-solaris syscall: 207
353660  XML in auxwhat tag not escaping reserved symbols properly
353680  s390x: Crash with certain glibc versions due to non-implemented TBEGIN
353727  amd64->IR: 0x66 0xF 0x3A 0x62 0xD1 0x72 (pcmpXstrX $0x72)
353802  ELF debug info reader confused with multiple .rodata sections
353891  Assert 'bad_scanned_addr < VG_ROUNDDN(start+len, sizeof(Addr))' failed
353917  unhandled amd64-solaris syscall fchdir(120)
353920  unhandled amd64-solaris syscall: 170
354274  arm: unhandled instruction: 0xEBAD 0x0AC1 (sub.w sl, sp, r1, lsl #3)
354392  unhandled amd64-solaris syscall: 171
354797  Vbit test does not include Iops for Power 8 instruction support
354883  tst->os_state.pthread - magic_delta assertion failure on OSX 10.11
        == 361351
        == 362920
        == 366222
354933  Fix documentation of --kernel-variant=android-no-hw-tls option
355188  valgrind should intercept all malloc related global functions
355454  do not intercept malloc related symbols from the runtime linker
355455  stderr.exp of test cases wrapmalloc and wrapmallocstatic overconstrained
356044  Dwarf line info reader misinterprets is_stmt register
356112  mips: replace addi with addiu
356393  valgrind (vex) crashes because isZeroU happened
        == 363497
        == 364497
356676  arm64-linux: unhandled syscalls 125, 126 (sched_get_priority_max/min)
356678  arm64-linux: unhandled syscall 232 (mincore)
356817  valgrind.h triggers compiler errors on MSVC when defining NVALGRIND
356823  Unsupported ARM instruction: stlex
357059  x86/amd64: SSE cvtpi2ps with memory source does transition to MMX state
357338  Unhandled instruction for SHA instructions libcrypto Boring SSL
357673  crash if I try to run valgrind with a binary link with libcurl
357833  Setting RLIMIT_DATA to zero breaks with linux 4.5+
357871  pthread_spin_destroy not properly wrapped
357887  Calls to VG_(fclose) do not close the file descriptor
357932  amd64->IR: accept redundant REX prefixes for {minsd,maxsd} m128, xmm.
358030  support direct socket calls on x86 32bit (new in linux 4.3)
358478  drd/tests/std_thread.cpp doesn't build with GCC6
359133  Assertion 'eltSzB <= ddpa->poolSzB' failed
359181  Buffer Overflow during Demangling
359201  futex syscall "skips" argument 5 if op is FUTEX_WAIT_BITSET
359289  s390x: popcnt (B9E1) not implemented
359472  The Power PC vsubuqm instruction doesn't always give the correct result
359503  Add missing syscalls for aarch64 (arm64)
359645  "You need libc6-dbg" help message could be more helpful
359703  s390: wire up separate socketcalls system calls
359724  getsockname might crash - deref_UInt should call safe_to_deref
359733  amd64 implement strchr/index override like x86
359767  Valgrind does not support the IBM POWER ISA 3.0 instructions, part 1/5
359829  Power PC test suite none/tests/ppc64/test_isa_2_07.c uses
        uninitialized data
359838  arm64: Unhandled instruction 0xD5033F5F (clrex)
359871  Incorrect mask handling in ppoll
359952  Unrecognised PCMPESTRM variants (0x70, 0x19)
360008  Contents of Power vr registers contents is not printed correctly when
        the --vgdb-shadow-registers=yes option is used
360035  POWER PC instruction bcdadd and bcdsubtract generate result with
        non-zero shadow bits
360378  arm64: Unhandled instruction 0x5E280844 (sha1h  s4, s2)
360425  arm64 unsupported instruction ldpsw
        == 364435
360519  none/tests/arm64/memory.vgtest might fail with newer gcc
360571  Error about the Android Runtime reading below the stack pointer on ARM
360574  Wrong parameter type for an ashmem ioctl() call on Android and ARM64
360749  kludge for multiple .rodata sections on Solaris no longer needed
360752  raise the number of reserved fds in m_main.c from 10 to 12
361207  Valgrind does not support the IBM POWER ISA 3.0 instructions, part 2/5
361226  s390x: risbgn (EC59) not implemented
361253  [s390x] ex_clone.c:42: undefined reference to `pthread_create'
361354  ppc64[le]: wire up separate socketcalls system calls
361615  Inconsistent termination for multithreaded process terminated by signal
361926  Unhandled Solaris syscall: sysfs(84)
362009  V dumps core on unimplemented functionality before threads are created
362329  Valgrind does not support the IBM POWER ISA 3.0 instructions, part 3/5
362894  missing (broken) support for wbit field on mtfsfi instruction (ppc64)
362935  [AsusWRT] Assertion 'sizeof(TTEntryC) <= 88' failed
362953  Request for an update to the Valgrind Developers page
363680  add renameat2() support
363705  arm64 missing syscall name_to_handle_at and open_by_handle_at
363714  ppc64 missing syscalls sync, waitid and name_to/open_by_handle_at
363858  Valgrind does not support the IBM POWER ISA 3.0 instructions, part 4/5
364058  clarify in manual limitations of array overruns detections
364413  pselect sycallwrapper mishandles NULL sigmask
364728  Power PC, missing support for several HW registers in
364948  Valgrind does not support the IBM POWER ISA 3.0 instructions, part 5/5
365273  Invalid write to stack location reported after signal handler runs
365912  ppc64BE segfault during jm-insns test (RELRO)
366079  FPXX Support for MIPS32 Valgrind
366138  Fix configure errors out when using Xcode 8 (clang 8.0.0)
366344  Multiple unhandled instruction for Aarch64
        (0x0EE0E020, 0x1AC15800, 0x4E284801, 0x5E040023, 0x5E056060)
367995  Integration of memcheck with custom memory allocator
368120  x86_linux asm _start functions do not keep 16-byte aligned stack pointer
368412  False positive result for altivec capability check
368416  Add tc06_two_races_xml.exp output for ppc64
368419  Perf Events ioctls not implemented
368461  mmapunmap test fails on ppc64
368823  run_a_thread_NORETURN assembly code typo for VGP_arm64_linux target
369000  AMD64 fma4 instructions unsupported.
369169  ppc64 fails jm_int_isa_2_07 test
369175  jm_vec_isa_2_07 test crashes on ppc64
369209  valgrind loops and eats up all memory if cwd doesn't exist.
369356  pre_mem_read_sockaddr syscall wrapper can crash with bad sockaddr
369359  msghdr_foreachfield can crash when handling bad iovec
369360  Bad sigprocmask old or new sets can crash valgrind
369361  vmsplice syscall wrapper crashes on bad iovec
369362  Bad sigaction arguments crash valgrind
369383  x86 sys_modify_ldt wrapper crashes on bad ptr
369402  Bad set/get_thread_area pointer crashes valgrind
369441  bad lvec argument crashes process_vm_readv/writev syscall wrappers
369446  valgrind crashes on unknown fcntl command
369439  S390x: Unhandled insns RISBLG/RISBHG and LDE/LDER
369468  Remove quadratic metapool algorithm using VG_(HT_remove_at_Iter)
370265  ISA 3.0 HW cap stuff needs updating
371128  BCD add and subtract instructions on Power BE in 32-bit mode do not work
n-i-bz  Fix incorrect (or infinite loop) unwind on RHEL7 x86 and amd64
n-i-bz  massif --pages-as-heap=yes does not report peak caused by mmap+munmap
n-i-bz  false positive leaks due to aspacemgr merging heap & non heap segments
n-i-bz  Fix ppoll_alarm exclusion on OS X
n-i-bz  Document brk segment limitation, reference manual in limit reached msg.
n-i-bz  Fix clobber list in none/tests/amd64/xacq_xrel.c [valgrind r15737]
n-i-bz  Bump allowed shift value for "add.w reg, sp, reg, lsl #N" [vex r3206]
n-i-bz  amd64: memcheck false positive with shr %edx
n-i-bz  arm3: Allow early writeback of SP base register in "strd rD, [sp, #-16]"
n-i-bz  ppc: Fix two cases of PPCAvFpOp vs PPCFpOp enum confusion
n-i-bz  arm: Fix incorrect register-number constraint check for LDAEX{,B,H,D}
n-i-bz  DHAT: added collection of the metric "tot-blocks-allocd"

(3.12.0.RC1:  20 October 2016, vex r3282, valgrind r16094)
(3.12.0.RC2:  20 October 2016, vex r3282, valgrind r16096)
(3.12.0:      21 October 2016, vex r3282, valgrind r16098)

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