Valgrind: r16201 - in /trunk/none/tests/mips64: Makefile.am test_math.stdout.exp test_math.stdout.exp-older-gcc

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Valgrind: r16201 - in /trunk/none/tests/mips64: Makefile.am test_math.stdout.exp test_math.stdout.exp-older-gcc

Author: petarj
Date: Fri Jan 13 16:29:15 2017
New Revision: 16201

mips64: update exp file for test_math

Leave the old exp file that covers cases in which __addtf3 and __subtf3
did not take into account rounding modes. New exp file is the same file
that already exists in mips32 folder, so we just create a symbolic link
to it.

    trunk/none/tests/mips64/test_math.stdout.exp   (with props)
      - copied unchanged from r16200, trunk/none/tests/mips64/test_math.stdout.exp

Modified: trunk/none/tests/mips64/Makefile.am
--- trunk/none/tests/mips64/Makefile.am (original)
+++ trunk/none/tests/mips64/Makefile.am Fri Jan 13 16:29:15 2017
@@ -55,7 +55,8 @@
  test_block_size.vgtest \
  test_fcsr.stdout.exp test_fcsr.stderr.exp \
  test_fcsr.vgtest \
- test_math.stdout.exp test_math.stderr.exp test_math.vgtest \
+ test_math.stdout.exp test_math.stdout.exp-older-gcc \
+ test_math.stderr.exp test_math.vgtest \
  unaligned_load.stdout.exp-BE unaligned_load.stdout.exp-LE \
  unaligned_load.stderr.exp unaligned_load.vgtest \
  unaligned_load_store.stdout.exp-LE unaligned_load_store.stdout.exp-BE \

Added: trunk/none/tests/mips64/test_math.stdout.exp
--- trunk/none/tests/mips64/test_math.stdout.exp (added)
+++ trunk/none/tests/mips64/test_math.stdout.exp Fri Jan 13 16:29:15 2017
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+link ../mips32/test_math.stdout.exp
\ No newline at end of file

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