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Valgrind: r16210 - /trunk/docs/xml/manual-core.xml

Author: iraisr
Date: Wed Jan 25 07:22:18 2017
New Revision: 16210

Document limitation of --log-file when a program forks.
Follow up to r16200 and BZ#162848.


Modified: trunk/docs/xml/manual-core.xml
--- trunk/docs/xml/manual-core.xml (original)
+++ trunk/docs/xml/manual-core.xml Wed Jan 25 07:22:18 2017
@@ -886,7 +886,11 @@
       calling exec afterwards, and you don't use this specifier
       (or the <option>%q</option> specifier below), the Valgrind output from
       all those processes will go into one file, possibly jumbled up, and
-      possibly incomplete.</para>
+      possibly incomplete. Note: If the program forks and calls exec afterwards,
+      Valgrind output of the child from the period between fork and exec
+      will be lost. Fortunately this gap is really tiny for most programs;
+      and modern programs use <computeroutput>posix_spawn</computeroutput>
+      anyway.</para>
       <para><option>%n</option> is replaced with a file sequence number
       unique for this process.
@@ -912,7 +916,7 @@
       causes an abort.</para>
       <para>If the file name specifies a relative file name, it is put
-      in the program's initial working directory : this is the current
+      in the program's initial working directory: this is the current
       directory when the program started its execution after the fork
       or after the exec.  If it specifies an absolute file name (ie.
       starts with '/') then it is put there.

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