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Valgrind: r16262 - /trunk/NEWS

Author: carll
Date: Fri Mar 10 20:10:49 2017
New Revision: 16262

PowerPC:  Fix incorrect register pair check for lxv, stxv, stxsd, stxssp, lxsd,
lxssp instructions

The lfdpx, stdpx, lfdp and stfdp instructions work on a register pair.  The
register pair test must only be applied to these instructions in the
dis_fp_pair() function.

Updating NEWS file for the commit

VEX commit 3308  makes the fix in VEX/priv/guest_ppc_toIR.c

bugzilla 377427


Modified: trunk/NEWS
--- trunk/NEWS (original)
+++ trunk/NEWS Fri Mar 10 20:10:49 2017
@@ -138,6 +138,7 @@
 376611  ppc64 and arm64 don't know about prlimit64 syscall
 376729  PPC64, remove R2 from the clobber list
         == 371668
+377427  PPC64, lxv instruction failing on odd destination register
 Release 3.12.0 (20 October 2016)

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