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Valgrind: r16307 - /trunk/coregrind/m_main.c

Author: petarj
Date: Thu Apr 20 15:04:37 2017
New Revision: 16307

add MIPS to info about supported architectures

Indicate that Valgrind supports MIPS architecture.


Modified: trunk/coregrind/m_main.c
--- trunk/coregrind/m_main.c (original)
+++ trunk/coregrind/m_main.c Thu Apr 20 15:04:37 2017
@@ -1338,6 +1338,7 @@
                     "AMD Athlon or above)\n");
         VG_(printf)("   * AMD Athlon64/Opteron\n");
         VG_(printf)("   * ARM (armv7)\n");
+        VG_(printf)("   * MIPS (mips32 and above; mips64 and above)\n");
         VG_(printf)("   * PowerPC (most; ppc405 and above)\n");
         VG_(printf)("   * System z (64bit only - s390x; z990 and above)\n");

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