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Valgrind: r16332 - /trunk/docs/internals/3_12_BUGSTATUS.txt

Author: iraisr
Date: Thu May  4 11:25:26 2017
New Revision: 16332

Remove list of potential trunk->3.12.1 merges as it is no longer needed with the upcoming 3.13


Modified: trunk/docs/internals/3_12_BUGSTATUS.txt
--- trunk/docs/internals/3_12_BUGSTATUS.txt (original)
+++ trunk/docs/internals/3_12_BUGSTATUS.txt Thu May  4 11:25:26 2017
@@ -471,232 +471,6 @@
 n-i-bz  Demangle Rust
 n-i-bz  major perf problems w/ stack registration + stack recycling
-Summary of commits after the 3.12.0 release (3282, 16098) to see which
-we might want to merge for 3.12.1.
-16098 .. 16102 tag/release artefacts (nothing interesting)
-"*" marks possible merge candidates
-* 16103 bzero is non-POSIX (deprecated), accordingly __bzero template required for all macOS versions. n-i-bz.
-16104 perf/vg_perf --outer-args:  either replace the predefined outer args,
-* 16105 Solaris: Add wrapper for fcntl(F_DUPFD_CLOEXEC) n-i-bz
-16106 Add some more comments in pub_tool_debuginfo.h about memory persistence/ownership
-* 16107 Follow up to SVN r16105.  Forgot to include scalar.stderr.exp changes in the commit.
-16108 Now that 3.12 is out, update version under development to 3.13.0.SVN
-16109 371412 Rename wrap_sys_shmat to sys_shmat like other wrappers
-* 16110 mips: add POST function to sys_prctl.  Add missing POST wrapper for sys_prctl.  This fixes regressions from r15934 (on MIPS32 platforms) and r16003 (on MIPS64 platforms).
-16111 Some small optimisation+some code reformatting
-* 16112  Support '%' in symbol Z-encoding.  Fixes BZ #371869.
-16113 Fix compiler warning about unused function on Solaris
-16114 Move scalar test of lwp_private syscall to platform specific directories.  n-i-bz
-* 16115  Add demangling support for Rust symbols.  Derived from a patch by
-David Tolnay <[hidden email]>.  n-i-bz.
-16116 Fix compile error on macOS introduced in r16111. n-i-bz.
-* 16117 mips: Add redir for index function in
-* 16118 Bug #372120 - c++ demangler demangles symbols which are not c++.
-* 3284  Fix xxsel parsing error.
-* 3285  Fix xxsel parsing error, update.
-16120  Support pool of unique string in pub_tool_deduppoolalloc.h [xtree]
-16121  Implement a cache 'address -> symbol name' in m_debuginfo.c [xtree]
-16122  Add VG_(strIsMemberXA) in pub_tool_xarray.h [xtree]
-16124  Addition of the options --xtree-memory and --xtree-memory-file [xtree]
-? 16125  Small changes in callgrind_annotate and callgrind manual
-16126 Locally define vgPlain_scrcmp in 2 unit tests [xtree]
-16127 Support for xtree memory profiling and xtmemory gdbsrv monitor command in helgrind [xtree]
-16128 Support for xtree memory profiling and xtmemory gdbsrv monitor command in memcheck [xtree]
-16129 Update massif implementation to xtree
-16130 Provide Solaris specifics in coregrind/m_gdbserver/README_DEVELOPERS.  n-i-bz
-16131 Update documentation and NEWS for xtree concept. [xtree]
-16132 Provide a paragraph about Solaris agent thread in advanced concepts. n-i-bz
-16133 Outer/inner setup : allow append to outer args, use a bigger --num-callers
-16134 Cleanup none/tests/nocwd.vgtest tmp dirs.
-16135 When --show-below-main=no, search main from the outermost stackframe
-16136 Fix sym name cache: handles the difference between text and data, + match in symbol
-* sym name cache to cache the 'isText' characteristic of the cached sym_name
-16137 Activate perf tests on arm64
-16138 Add typedef Alloc_Fn_t/Free_Fn_t in pub_tool_basics.h, use them everywhere
-16139 Improve the outer/inner setup: have the outer reporting the inner guest stacktrace
-* 16140 Fix Bug 372600 - process loops forever when fatal signals are arriving quickly
-* 16141 Fix 372504  Hanging on exit_group
-? 16142 Fix the configure test for presense of __xpg[4,6] symbols
-16143 Disable test none/tests/pth_2sig on Solaris for now until it is investigated
-16144 *? Solaris: Add syscall wrapper for sigsuspend(95).  NB: this includes the sigsuspend masking fix, for Solaris
-16145 Solaris: Add syscall wrapper for sigsendsys(108) n-i-bz
-16146 xtree: some documentation and --help-debug fine tuning
-16147 Fix test none/tests/pth_2sig on Solaris.
-16148 Fix none/tests/pth_2sig.c build with (default) -std=gnu90.
-16149 Update (of 3_11_BUGSTATUS.txt)
-16150 Add a tracking file for bugs in 3.12.
-16151 Comments change only: add the profile of the hook called by the gnat runtime
-* 16152 Bug 352767 - Wine/valgrind: Warning: noted but unhandled ioctl 0x5307 with no size/direction hints. (CDROMSTOP).
-* 16153 Bug 348616 - Wine/valgrind: Warning: noted but unhandled ioctl 0x5390 with no size/direction hints. (DVD_READ_STRUCT)
-16154 make bar_bad tests more deterministic
-16155 Update (NEWS)
-Fri 25 Nov 12:30:15 CET 2016
-16156 include/valgrind.h: Fix spelling in a source code comment
-16157 Ensure the 'too early msg to use vgdb stop at valgrind abnormal exit' is produced
-16158 Addition of helgrind client request  VALGRIND_HG_GNAT_DEPENDENT_MASTER_JOIN
-* 16159 Fix 373046 - Stacks registered by core are never deregistered
-16160 Use NULL_STK_ID consistently throughout whole Valgrind.
-16161 Fix compiler warning on Solaris.
-? 16162 mips32: fix fadvise64 system call
-? 16163 mips64: fix fadvise64 syscall wrappers
-16164 352395 - Please provide SVN revision info in --version -v
-16165 Update NEWS for the fixing of 358213 helgrind/drd bar_bad
-? 16166 mips: fix call_on_new_stack_0_1 code
-16167 Small optimisation: no need to have a syscall wrapper unless collect systime is yes
-? 16168 Stacks registered by core are never deregistered (macOS-specific follow-up). Refer r16159.
-16169 Fix typo in syswrap-darwin log output. n-i-bz.
-16170 Update SVN ignore propset for include/vgversion.h. n-i-bz.
-16171 Update SVN ignore propset for tests/libc_test. n-i-bz. Refer r16097.
-16172 mips: implement CLEAR_CALLER_SAVED_REGS for memcheck tests
-16173 Add CLEAR_CALLER_SAVED_REGS in leak-tree test
-16174 Remove second definition of typedef ‘Time’
-16175 mips: add regression test for fadvise64
-16176 Some housekeeping related to recent r16175.
-16177 Adjust line number in mcblocklistsearch.stderrB.exp.
-16178 mips: add fadvise64 to svn ignore list
-16179 Update memcheck/tests/amd64-linux ignore list
-16180 mips: fix VG_(gdbserver_report_signal) arguments (dep 15248)
-16181 mips32: allow execution of round_fpu64 test for fpxx
-16182 mips32: minor style change to r16181
-3286 missingmips: small changes in VexGuestMIPS{32|64}State structs
-3287 Rename BBPTR to GSPTR as it denotes guest state pointer only
-16183 mips64: add cvm_atomic.stdout.exp-BE
-16184 Add placeholders for all new macOS 10.12 syscalls. Related to bz#365327.
-16185 Add placeholders for all new OS X 10.11 syscalls. Related to bz#348909.
-16186 Fix 342040 Valgrind mishandles clone with CLONE_VFORK | CLONE_VM that clones to a different stack
-Fix 373192 Calling posix_spawn in glibc 2.24 completely broken
-16187 Add missing EXTRA_DIST clonev.stdout.exp
-16188 mips: remove some old cruft from clone functions
-16189 Rename BBPTR to GSPTR as it denotes guest state pointer only
-Fixes BZ#373555.
-16190 mips: fix "cast-equal" warnings in coredump-elf.cRelated BZ#370028
-16191 Update NEWS for recent VEX commit r3288.
-16192 Add Solaris specific notes on running regression tests
-16193 xtree: minor updates to documentation, comments and indentation, no functional change.
-3288 missingconst IRExpr arguments for matchIRExpr()BZ#373938
-* 3289 Fix assertion failure in decode_V8_instruction.  Fixes #372794.
-16194 Add test cases for 32-bit v8 FP and SIMD insns.
-16195 xtree: CALLED_FLF must be called only up to ips[0] + minor doc update
-16196 missingAdd a format marker to callgrind files
-16197 Fix comments in m_trampoline.S for amd64/Solaris redirs.
-16198 Make this compile for both ARM and Thumb encodings,
-16199 Do not capture the free stacktrace in memcheck, ..
-3290 Implement ARMv8 VSEL<c>.F64 d_d_d, VSEL<c>.F32 s_s_s.
-16200 Fix a bug when --log-file output isn't split when a program forks.  BZ#162848
-3291 Implement VRINT{A,N,P,M}.F64 d_d, VRINT{A,N,P,M}.F32 s_s.
-3292 Implement:
-  VRINT{Z,R}.F64.F64 d_d, VRINT{Z,R}.F32.F32 s_s
-  VCVT{A,N,P,M}{.S32,.U32}{.F64,.F32}
-16201 mips64: update exp file for test_math
-3293 Implement
-  V{MIN,MAX}NM.F64 Dd, Dn, Dm
-  V{MIN,MAX}NM.F32 Sd, Sn, Sm
-16202 Add support for Iop_MaxNumF64, Iop_MinNumF64, Iop_MaxNumF32 and
-Iop_MinNumF32, as introduced in vex r3293.
-3294 Implement VRINTX.F64.F64 d_d, VRINTX.F32.F32 s_s.
-3295 dis_neon_data_3same: don't silently accept invalid instructions.
-3296 Implement V{MAX,MIN}NM{.F32 d_d_d, .F32 q_q_q}.
-3297 Implement:
-  VCVT{A,N,P,M}{.F32 d_d, .F32 q_q}
-  VRINT{A,N,P,M,X,Z}{.F32 d_d, .F32 q_q}
-16203 Connect the v8 FP and SIMD tests to the build system.
-16204 x86-linux: Initialize x86 system GDT on first use.  Bug 344139 comment
-3298 Small comment fix: point at the correct file name
-3299 x86: Recognize the SS segment prefix on x86.  Bug 344139 comment 4.
-16205 Allow memcheck to output the leak results as a callgrind xtree file.
-16206 xtree leak.
-As option --xtree-leak=yes is useless without a full leak report,
-16207 Fix --help for --xtree-leak-file
-16208 Similar to xtree memory, give a user msg with the xtree leak filename
-16209 xtree: use  "UnknownFile???" and "UnknownFn???" instead of "???"
-and "file ???"
-16210 Document limitation of --log-file when a program forks.
-Follow up to r16200 and BZ#162848.
-16211 mips32: add support for ptrace syscall
-16212 mips: fix target_get_drv() function
-16213 Adding new filter to memcheck/tests/filter_stderr
-16214 Samll changes on xtree leak event short names
-16215 missingmips: implement calculation for static TLS  Related issue #375514.
-* 16216 Fix +1 error in get_elf_symbol_info() when computing value of 'hi' address for ML_(find_rx_mapping)()
-Fixes BZ#375772
-16217 missingforce old implementation of std::string for leak_cpp_interior
-test Related issue #373069
-16218 Add PROT_READ flag to mmap, as Valgrind needs to be able to read the
-code before it executes it.
-16219 add suppression for helgrind/tests/tc22_exit_w_lock
-16220 fix leak-segv-jmp test for platforms with 64K pagesize
-16221 am_munmap_both_wrk: safely initialise out-param for all return paths.
-3300 mips: rewrite mips_irgen_load_and_add32|64 and code around it
-3301 Fix non-mips build breakage from VEX r3300
-3302 Handle unknown HINT instructions on aarch64 by ignoring them. BZ#376279.
-3303 Add comment about HINT instructions.
-3304 mips64: do correct 32-bit comparison for Iop_CmpNE32
-16223 add none/tests/linux/clonev to svn:ignore list
-16224 Solaris: Add syscall wrapper for lgrpsys(180)
-Fixes BZ#376455.
-16225 Solaris: Add additional subcodes for lgrpsys(180) syscall
-Fixes BZ#376455.
-16226 missingSolaris: include <sys/lgrp_user_impl.h> only on newer Solaris. BZ#376455.
-16227 Solaris: Add syscall wrapper for fast trap getlgrp(6)
-Fixes BZ#376518.
-16228 Bug 376611 - ppc64 and arm64 don't know about prlimit64 syscall.
-16229 fix order of timer_* syscalls on aarch64 - bug #371225
-16230 aarch64: add missing syscalls into table
-16231 aarch64: remove bogus syscall part
-16232 aarch64: enable pivot_root syscall (generic wrapper)
-16233 aarch64: enable sync_file_range syscall (generic wrapper)
-16234 aarch64: enable unshare syscall (generic wrapper)
-16235 aarch64: enable get_robust_list syscall (generic wrapper)
-16236 aarch64: enable delete_module syscall (generic wrapper)
-16237 aarch64: enable sched_rr_get_interval syscall (generic wrapper)
-16238 aarch64: enable tkill syscall (generic wrapper)
-16239 aarch64: enable request_key syscall (generic wrapper)
-16240 aarch64: enable move_pages syscall (generic wrapper)
-16241 aarch64: enable rt_tgsigqueueinfo syscall (generic wrapper)
-16242 aarch64: enable fanotify_init syscall (generic wrapper)
-16243 missingaarch64: enable fanotify_mark syscall (generic wrapper)
-16244 aarch64: enable clock_adjtime syscall (generic wrapper)
-16245 aarch64: enable kcmp syscall (generic wrapper)
-16246 aarch64: enable getcpu syscall (generic wrapper)
-16247 aarch64: enable sethostname syscall (generic wrapper)
-16248 aarch64: mark not implemented syscalls as such
-16249 Remove arm64 specific (unused) setup_child () and assign_guest_tls ().
-16250 Update NEWS with bug numbers of recently implemented linux-arm64 syscalls.
-16251 modifty sleepers to have easier evaluation of interaction between cpu freq scaling
-and scheduler lock (pipe based or futex based)
-16252 Fix sr_EQ() comparison on Solaris syscall failure
-16253 Follow up to SVN r16251
-Fix expected output for gdbserver_tests/solaris/nlcontrolc.
-16254 Thusly, remove R2 from the clobber list. Bugzilla is 376729.
-3305 Push some spec rules for amd64 that have been sitting around for a while:
-16255 Follow up to SVN r16253 (fix expected output of gdbserver_tests/solaris/nlcontrolc)
-16256 Introduce macro ASSUME_ALIGNED and use it in vki-linux.h.
-3306 Fix incorrect variable type (IRTemp->IRType)
-16257 Update trunk/docs/internals/3_12_BUGSTATUS.txt
-16258 Fix two safe_to_deref/sizeof mismatches in
 Mon  6 Mar 21:02:39 CET 2017

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