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Valgrind: r16398 - in /trunk: auxprogs/make_or_upd_vgversion_h

Author: mjw
Date: Thu May 18 09:39:21 2017
New Revision: 16398

Protect vgversion.h in a tarball from getting deleted by make clean

Create a file vgversion_dist.h in the tarball.
This file is not deleted by make clean
Change auxprogs/make_or_upd_vgversion_h to use vgversion_dist.h if it is
Add some missing quotes to auxprogs/make_or_upd_vgversion_h

Patch by Matthias Schwarzott <[hidden email]>


Modified: trunk/
--- trunk/ (original)
+++ trunk/ Thu May 18 09:39:21 2017
@@ -117,7 +117,7 @@
 dist-hook: include/vgversion.h
- cp -p include/vgversion.h $(distdir)/include/vgversion.h
+ cp -p include/vgversion.h $(distdir)/include/vgversion_dist.h
 dist_noinst_SCRIPTS = \

Modified: trunk/auxprogs/make_or_upd_vgversion_h
--- trunk/auxprogs/make_or_upd_vgversion_h (original)
+++ trunk/auxprogs/make_or_upd_vgversion_h Thu May 18 09:39:21 2017
@@ -14,16 +14,21 @@
-cat > include/vgversion.h.tmp <<EOF
+if [ -e "$srcdir"/include/vgversion_dist.h ]
+    cp "$srcdir"/include/vgversion_dist.h include/vgversion.h.tmp
+    cat > include/vgversion.h.tmp <<EOF
 /* Do not edit: file generated by auxprogs/make_or_upd_vgversion_h.
    This file defines VGSVN and VEXSVN, used to report SVN revision
    when using command line options:  -v --version
-#define VGSVN "$(extract_svn_version $srcdir/.)"
-#define VEXSVN "$(extract_svn_version $srcdir/VEX)"
+#define VGSVN "$(extract_svn_version "$srcdir/.")"
+#define VEXSVN "$(extract_svn_version "$srcdir/VEX")"
 if [ -f include/vgversion.h ]

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