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Valgrind: r16418 - /trunk/auxprogs/make_or_upd_vgversion_h

Author: mjw
Date: Wed May 24 16:59:53 2017
New Revision: 16418

Force removal of include/vgversion.h.tmp in make_or_upd_vgversion_h.

When someone created a read only src dir and builds in a separate build
dir then the original read only vgversion.h is copied from the src dir
into the build dir as vgversion.h.tmp (also read only). It could then
not be removed again in the auxprogs/make_or_upd_vgversion_h script.


Modified: trunk/auxprogs/make_or_upd_vgversion_h
--- trunk/auxprogs/make_or_upd_vgversion_h (original)
+++ trunk/auxprogs/make_or_upd_vgversion_h Wed May 24 16:59:53 2017
@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@
     if grep -q unknown include/vgversion.h.tmp ||
        cmp -s include/vgversion.h include/vgversion.h.tmp
-        rm include/vgversion.h.tmp
+        rm -f include/vgversion.h.tmp
         mv include/vgversion.h.tmp include/vgversion.h

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