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handle_client_requests and syscall wrapper

Muhui Jiang

I am new to Valgrind. When I use valgrind to try to develop my own tool, I come across a confusion.

I want to do a reverse taint analysis and my taint sink is  the content in the syscall_send.

First I need to wrap the send function. I review some code written  by others. I noticed that VG_(needs_syscall_wrapper) and VG_(needs_client_requests) both can wrapper the function, right?

For VG_(needs_syscall_wrapper) , we can switch the syscall number to wrapper the functin. 
For VG_(needs_client_requests), we can switch the function name by VALGRIND_DO_CLIENT_REQUEST_STMT.

I am not sure whether my understanding is right or not. I don't know the use of VG_(needs_client_requests). 

Besides, it would be great if someone could give me some hind on implementing the reverse taint analysis by valgrind. Many Thanks


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